Diamond Platnumz rumoured to be thick in wedding planning with model Jihandi Mack

Diamond Platnumz shirtless

Diamond Platnumz set the internet ablaze with the news that he will be marrying the woman he is dating at the moment. The star has been careful this time not to reveal the image of the woman although many have theorised that it might be a woman his mother posted on her Instagram page.

Diamond Platnumz in his crazy suit
Diamond Platnumz in his crazy suit

The woman in question is Jihandi Mack, a former Miss Tanzania, a yellow-skinned beauty. The rumours have swirled since then that Jihandi was his secret lover and Chibu hasn’t come out to confirm or deny the allegations.

Jihandi Mack
Jihandi Mack

The two were spotted at the same function but not together. Mama Diamond posted Jihanda’s photo on her Instagram page that coincidentally came from that same function.

Everyone knows that Diamond’s lovers are co-signed by his own mother. If she doesn’t like you, you are most likely doomed with Diamond. Just ask Hamisa Mobetto who has seen the worst Mama Chibu. But I digress!

Jihandi Mack
Jihandi Mack

According to the Tanzanian grapevine, the two have been planning to tie the knot for some time. The news will be met with some scepticism considering that the singer has promised his last 2 prominent lovers that he would marry them, and DIDN’T!

But the rumour-mill is filled with information that Jihandi has the singer so whipped that he chose to put a ring on it. The claims are that the singer is also intimately involved in the wedding planning that would most likely be a private ceremony.

Until I see the proof myself with photos and videos from a wedding ceremony, I am still cynical about this information. Diamond isn’t the type of man to settle down and I think his recent position might be due to the restrictions Covid-19 has had on travel (something he loves doing as a superstar).

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